FnB Pro do much more than the typical standard POS System or Cash Register. Standard POS & Cash Registers are simply a place to store money. In comparison, a customized POS System bundled with a POS terminal and Sense FnB Pro will allow your business do so much more: take customer orders, track inventory, order supplies, manage time attendance, implement customer loyalty programs, and much, much more.

Sense FnB Pro will help your restaurant increase efficiency and eliminate waste in supplies and manpower. Because all of your restaurant's important information is in one complete, integrated system, your in-depth reports take advantage of all of the crossover information you need to make the right decisions.

Fully Touch Screen Interface

  • Course Serving
  • Category By Color
  • Dual Item Display (With Photo / Without photo)
  • Open Food / Beverage
  • Set Menu Ordering
  • Multiple Floor Plan

Daily Sales Opening / Closing

  • Multiple Shift Opening / Closing
  • Cash Floating Management (Daily Sales Opening)
  • Cash Floating Management (Daily Sales Closing)
  • Daily Sales Closing Receipt
    • Sales Summary
    • Sales Statistic
    • Payment Summary
    • Food / Beverage Summary
    • Food / Beverage Details
    • Cash Float Summary
    • Transaction Action Summary

Time In / Out

  • Multiple Shift Time In / Out

Ordering Transaction

  • By Item
  • By Set Meal
  • By Open Food / Beverage
  • Set Market Price
  • Separate Ordering Printing (Combine / Cut Off)
  • Multiple Printer Printing (Dual Language available)

Order Delete / Void

  • Order Delete / Void
  • Item Delete (Before Post Order)
  • Item Void (After Post Order)
  • Item Void Action
  • Item Void Notification

Transaction Discounting

  • Transaction Discounting
  • Item Discount Percentage % Control
  • Single Item Discount
  • Single Item Discount Action
  • Single Item Discount Void
  • Single Item Discount Void Action
  • Transaction Discount (Beverage / Food / All)
  • Transaction Discount Action
  • Transaction Discount Void
  • Transaction Discount Void Action

Transaction Payment

  • Multiple Payment Method (Cash / Credit Card / House / ENT / Voucher / Cheque)
  • Credit Card Type
  • Credit Card No, Voucher No, Cheque No Capturing
  • Receipt Printing Format (Cash / Credit Card / House / ENT / Voucher / Cheque)

Transaction Delete / Void

  • Transaction Delete
  • Transaction Void


  • Split Table Bill
  • Combine Table Bill
  • Shift Table Bill
  • Kitchen Remark
  • Printer Testing
  • Unclose Bill Notification

Sales Reporting

  • Daily Sales Summary Report (With All Payment Method)
  • User Define Date Sales Summary Report (With All Payment Method)
  • Monthly Sales Summary Report (With All Payment Method)
  • Daily Sales Details Report
  • User Define Date Details Summary

Sales Analysis Reporting

  • Food vs Beverage Report
  • Food & Beverage vs Customer Report
  • Food vs Customer Report
  • Beverage vs Customer Report
  • Payment Analysis Report

Sales Trend Reporting

  • User Define Date Sales Trend Report
  • Monthly Sales Trend Report
  • Yearly Sales Trend Report

Master Staff

  • Add / Edit / Delete Staff Profile
  • Staff ID & Password

Master Customer

  • Add / Edit / Delete Customer Profile
  • Multi-Level-Managment (Point Rewarding)
  • Built-in Point Rewarding System

Master Supplier

  • Add / Edit / Delete Supplier Profile

Master Stock

  • Manage Stock Inventory Profile
  • Preset Stock Safety Level Quantity
  • Stock Receiving / Stock Adjustment (Dispose)

Master Category

  • Manage Stock / Food & Beverage Menu's category

Master Food & Beverage

  • Manage Food & Beverage Menu's item

Master Floor List

  • Manage Floor List, Floor Plan and Floor Table

Master Measurement

  • Manage System Measurement for Stock

Working Shift

  • Manage Daily Working Shift Time