Sense Salon Pro system is a complete software package that is powerful, yet simple-to-use. Sense Salon Pro system stands as POS System and with its superior performance manages your clients, inventory, employees, appointments, payroll, special payment structure benefits, sales management and many more.

Sense Salon Pro system will increase efficiency in your daily operation and it will help you reduct time in preparing detailed daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports of your business. Sense Salon Pro system will help you create more time to work on your marketing and promotions to expend your business operations and business opportunities.

Sense Salon Pro is specially designed for niche and aesthetic trades like hair salons, nail salons, spa, massage, beauty and slimming centers, makeup and image studios.

Time Card Management

  • Stop tracking employee hours by hand and get automated with our time card management.
  • RFID & Magnetic Card acceptable.
  • Track hours and do payroll with more accuracy in less time-use.

Employee Management

  • Manage employee profile.
  • Our specialty is in calculation in various layers of commission pay outs.
  • Manage employee's performance and sales target.
  • Employee manage to view their personal sales by access to the system.

Supplier Management

  • Manage supplier profile.
  • Tracking what has been purchased and which supplier you should liaise with to get the right stocks.

Services & Sign Course Management

  • Manage salon services and courses.
  • This part of our system will assist in your services and sign course plans.
  • It allow you to create or make changes on your services and courses to entice your customers with just few clicks.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Manage your salon customer profile.
  • Our system facilitates you by storing customer information and package deals which your customers have purchased.
  • It has a history tracking system which enables easy retrieving of all customer information including previous services and purchases.
  • There is a tiny clause indicated as customers remarks, this feature will assist you in customers extra information likes and dislikes.
  • Easy manage on customer's membership level and spending level.
  • Built-in customer birthday reminder and allow to send birthday greeting with SMS text messaging direct from system.

Stock Inventory Management

  • Manage stock inventory with tracking stock quantities, be alerted of danger level products that required re-stocking
  • Integrated with a barcode tracking system. Our system allow to generate barcode for all non barcode product.
  • Identify quickly products which are out of stock by just checking from stock reminder feature.
  • Salon-use and retails stock separated.

Appointment Schedule Management

  • Manage customer appointment with unlimited employees.
  • Our system provided user friendly interface with easy drag and drop feature.
  • Our appointment schedule could cater to a multiple users and all shown in the appointment screen.
  • A prompt up alert indicating the appointment of customer. This particular feature would help you manage your time line to give your customer a better service.

System Reporting (Automate Reporting)

  • These parts of the system is most curtail to all businesses, it covers sales and stocks reporting, analysis reports, trend reports, customer report and payroll report. Report delivery comes in summary, pie, bar and trend charts for easy viewing and understanding.
  • Email alert for daily sales closing report.

Multiple Computer

  • There are many reasons to establish a network which allows many computers to communicate with each other to interchange and execute programs or data. This works could help operational staffs to increase efficiency and minimizing in time wasted.

Debtor Control Management

  • This feature assists you to tracking all outstanding payments by regular customers.

Marketing Tools

  • Point Reward Feature
    • Built-in marketing tool which reward customers with point based on their spending.
    • Service and product redemption allowed.
  • Prepaid Management
    • This will allow the ability to manage your customer's buying power and guarantee that your customers would enjoy the reward of discounts or free products which is a part of the promotional and sales scheme.
  • MLM Management ( Customer Referral Program)
    • The main point is to create a loyalty program for your customers. Customer's participation are by introducing referrals and form their own referrals they are entitled to rewards and points or even reimbursement of exclusive products.
  • SMS Text Messaging
    • Market your products or services using SMS Text messaging service to inform customers on promotions, vouchers, etc, based on actual statistical data from your system.

Pos Sales Screen

  • Built with user friendly interface. The System is line up with masses of complex function features but it's just a few mouse clicks to complete a comprehensive transaction task.
  • Built with All-In-One screen concept.

Security & Backup

  • Security Management
    • Even though there are multi users patenting the software system, the security management feature is created mainly just to protect all company's interest and privacy.
  • System Backup
    • It has automatic reminder to backup data on every system shutdown. This safe feature ensuring all transactions is well kept.